•2020: 2048Expeditions: A world first expedition beyond adventure
•2018: Kanchenjunga expedition (8586m, Nepal)
•2016: Cho Oyu expedition (8.201m, Nepal)
•2015: TV project: Blind to the Top, Kilimanjaro (5.895m, Africa’s highest mountain)
•2014: Surya Peak (5145m, Nepal)
•2014: Cho Oyu expedition (8.201m, Nepal) aborted due to a devastating avalanche
•2013: Khan Tengri (7.010m, Kyrgyzstan)
•2012: Peak Lenin (7.134m, Kyrgyzstan)
•2011: Mount Vinson (5.140m, highest mountain Antarctica)
•2011: Mount Damavand (5.671m, highest mountain Iran)
•2010: Mount Ararat (5.165m, highest mountain Turkey)
•2010: Mount Carstensz (4884m, highest mountain Oceania )
•2009: Start Mission Antarctica 2048
•2009: Mount Toubkal (4167m, highest mountain Marocco)
•2008: K2 (8.611m, Pakistan, 2e highest of the world, w/o O2)
•2007: Aconcagua (6.962m, Sud-America’s highest mountain)
•2007: Mount Kilimanjaro (5.895m, Africa’s highest mountain)
•2007: Mount Elbrus (5.642m, Europe highest mountain)
•2007: Mt McKinley (6.194m, highest mountain-N America) E
•2006: Broad Peak (8.047m) / K2 (8.611m) (2x 8000+ w/o O2)
•2005: Mera Peak (6.476m) Expedition
•2004: Mount Everest (8.850m) Expedition w/o O2.
•2002: Mount Everest (8.850m) Expedition w/o O2
•2000/2001: Geographic South Pole Expedion (90 S)
•2000: Greenland icecap Expedition
•2000: Morocco Expedition
•1999: Dutch Peru Expedition
•1998/1999: Australia Expedition
•1998: Shishapangma (8.013m) Expedition w/o O2
•1997: Geographic North Pole (90 N) Expedition
•1995: Namibia Expedition
•1995: Seven-Up K2 (8.611m) Expedition
•1994: Lobuche Peak (6.119m) Expedition
•1993: Mount Kenya (5.199m) Expedition
•1991/1992: Africa Expedition: Utrecht NL – Cape Town SA

(list of all technical climbs in the Alps, see the long list)

Specialties: Motivational talks, author and high altitude mountaineering