Podcast Art of Adventuring: ‘Why am I sitting here while he’s killed’

His father was the inspiration for Wilco van Rooijen to go to the mountains. Hailing from the Netherlands, Wilco’s insatiable thirst for adventure led him to scale towering peaks, traverse treacherous terrains, and undertake daring feats that have left an indelible mark on the world of exploration. Eventually, this lead him to be on the absolute elite list of just a dozen people to have completed the Full Explorers Grand Slam – climbing all 7 highest summits on each continent and reaching the North and South Pole from the shore.
But mountaineering and exploration come at high prices; for some of Wilco’s friends left their life on the mountain. And losing a friend is extremely hard, but sometimes being the one still alive sometimes is even harder …
Read more about Wilco on https://worldexplorerscollective.com/stories/full-explorers-grand-slam-wilco-van-rooijen/
visit his personal website: www.teamwilcovanrooijen.nl
visit his ocean team website: www.teamocean.nl
and find his inspiring book: “Surviving K2”
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Bron: Podcast Art of Adventuring