Kick-off/persmeeting 24 feb: Team Ocean

It’s an adventure ‘in the making’ that has organically grown, but now we are ready to kick it off.
Bela Evers and I have formed Team Ocean. Our mission is to row the mid-Pacific from west America to Hawaii rowing 4500km non-stop, (rowing 2 hours on and 2 hours off), to create greater awareness for climate change. The Antarctic is melting faster than we think, Hawaii has already lost 13 miles of coastline. Are we too late or should we still challenge the status quo? That’s what we intend to do with this expedition. Our motto comes from the quote by Satoro “Individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean”.
We’ve been lucky enough to have loaned an ocean rowing boat in which we’ve been training these past months. Now we are ready to make the leap and make this adventure a reality. The website is launched and on the 24th february we’ll have a kick-off for press and companies who may wish to learn more and be part of this journey. Are you one of them? Let us know if you can attend, by sending a DM. We’d love to tell you more. Otherwise check out our website, or keep updated via our team page (linkedin, insta or facebook).