Seven Summits

Seven Summits is een onderdeel van de Explorers Grand Slam


•2011:  7 Mount Vinson (5.140m, highest mountain Antarctica)
•2010: 6 Mount Carstensz (4884m, highest mountain Oceania )
•2007: 5 Aconcagua (6.962m, Sud-America’s highest mountain)
•2007: 4 Mount Kilimanjaro (5.895m, Africa’s highest mountain)
•2007: 3 Mount Elbrus (5.642m, Europe highest mountain)
•2007: 2 Mt McKinley (6.194m, highest mountain-N America) E
•2004: 1 Mount Everest (8.850m) Expedition w/o O2.

(list of all expeditions, see the long list)

Specialties: Motivational talks, author and high altitude mountaineering