Talk TU Delft mission Antarctica

Mission Antarctica (and the next generation)

I had the honor to give an inspiring and learning presentation to students of the #TUDelft. The keynote was about our last ‘pristine’ continent Antarctica. Antarctica is still terra incognita on university’s while there is still so much to do if we really want to understand for example climate change and sealevel rising. For me the Antarctic is the most important sensor of the planet. If only West-Antarctica breaks off the continent (and there several signs for this) we will face a sealevel rising of 3 meter!

That’s why i initiate a project to build a solar (research)vehicle more than 13 years ago with the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. A few years ago i went to the #tueindhoven and after 2 years of research a student team started #TeamPolar. In the meantime the goal is to build an autonomous research vehicle for the (international) researchers on the Antarctic. Just a few months ago i found out that the TUDelft is working on his own #MoonRover LunarZebra project. Why looking to the moon or even Mars if you haven’t tested it in the most extreme environment of the planet. #sharingknowledge and building a smart world together.

But is it finally about high tech technology? I don’t think so. We all have to change our common behavior and be aware of what choices we daily make.
And i was very happy to experience that (most) of the new generation students this realise. Tech solutions doesn’t exist, only for the time being ….

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