R.I.P Dixie Dansercoer

What a terrible news… the tragic ‘movie’ repeats itself. Last week (when i was racing in the Corsica Raid) the unbelievable news came in like a bomb. I knew Dixie very well since our preparations for the 1999/2000 Origin Expedition to the Source South Pole with Marc Cornelissen​. First Marc was disappeared in 2015 (with Philip de Roo​) in the Arctic and now Dixie. These incredible skilled polar travelers with a mission in researching climate change knew exactly what they were doing.
I’m a positive thinking guy, beyong the infinite …. but with this kind of tragedies it’s hard to get an answer why?
Dixie was a sportman and zenmaster, always in balance, feeling and thinking what would be the next smart step. Not for his ego but for the world!
It reminds me of the text on Marc’s death notice: “When you can no longer rely on your experiences of the past” To which i add: we are all wanderers.
Rest in peace, my dearest buddies. Your energy for the world will always be with us (and inspire us!)